Harivamsha Purana

by Manmatha Nath Dutt | 1897 | 293,872 words | ISBN-10: 8178542188 | ISBN-13: 9788178542188

This page is entitled “kalayavana agrees to kill krishna” and represents Chapter 55 of the second book (‘Vishnu Parva’) of the Harivamsa (English translation in Prose). The Harivamsha Purana narrates the lineage and life-story of Krishna (Hari). Although not officially mentioned in the list of Puranas, this book includes topics such as geology, creation theory, time (manvantaras), ancient historical legends and accounts of royal dynasties.

Chapter 55 - Kalayavana Agrees to Kill Krishna

1. Vaishampayana said:—After the king Shalya, as directed by the Emperor Jarasandha had said this Kalayavana, the king of Yavanas, with great delight said.

2. Kalayavana said:—Oh! highly honored and blessed I am;and my life is crowned with success since numberless kings have requested me for vanquishing Krishna.

3. The kings have appointed me in the work of subduing Krishna who is invincible in the three worlds, even unto gods and Asuras. And they have blessed me so that I will achieve victory.

4. While the kings, with delighted hearts, have declared my victory I shall, by the very pouring of their water-like words, achieve success.

5. Whatever it may be, I shall carry out the command of the Emperor Jarasandha issued at the request of the kings. Even my discomfiture in it will be, tantamount to my success.

6. O king, to-day, the day and the stars are auspicious and in this auspicious moment I shall even to-day start for Mathura for defeating Keshava in the battle-field.

7. Vaishampayana said:—Having thus addressed the powerful Shalya the king of Saubha, the lord of Yavanas honored him duly with highly precious jems and dresses.

8-9. Afterwards for acquiring unstinted blessings he gave away various riches to his guest and the Brahmanas and duly offered libations to fire. Then after the performance of benedictory rites he set out with his army for vanquishing Janarddana.

10. O foremost of Bharatas, king Shalya too, with his desire fully achieved, embraced the lord of Yavanas and set out with a delighted heart for his own city.

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