Bhagavad-gita with four Commentaries [sanskrit]

140,673 words | ISBN-10: 8189564072 | ISBN-13: 9788189564070

The Sanskrit edition of the Bhagavad Gita with four commentaries: (1) The Subodhini by Shridhara (Sridhara Swami), (2) The Gudharthadipika by Madhusudana (Saraswati), (3) The Sararthavarshini by Vishvanatha (Vishwanath Chakravarti) and (4) The Gitabhushana by Baladeva (Vidyabhushan). Original titles: Bhagavadgītā (भगवद्गीता), Śrīdhara (श्रीधर), Madhusūdana (मधुसूदन), Viśvanātha (विश्वनाथ), Baladeva (बलदेव)

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