Figure 17: Padmasana

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Padmasana refers to one of the various posture (asanas).—Padma-asana is a sitting position in which the legs are crossed with the soles of the both feet turned upward and resting on the opposite thighs. Shri in the form of Yogalakshmi or Shrivatsa, is described in this posture, according to the Vaishnava Agamas. This posture is applicable for Śrī installed in the parivara-alaya in the Vishnu temples. This denotes deep meditation and concentration. This pose is prescribed for the icons of subordinate or accompanying divinities to be depicted in worshipping attitude. In Ardhapadmasana posture, the folded legs are placed one above the other.

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Both the Pancaratra and Vaikhanasa Agamas extensively deal with the technical features on temple art and architecture. Sometime , they detail certain stance or pose but do not mention the technical term: the same way.... In order to study and understand the iconography of the Vaishnava Agamas, is inevitable to consult the treatises on dance (Natya-shastra), sculpture (Shilpa-shastra) and architecture (Sthapatya or Vastu-shastra).

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