Figure 112. Descent from the Trayastrimsha Heaven (Gandhara)

Image title: Figure 112. Descent from the Trayastrimsha Heaven (Gandhara)

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Figure 112:—Panel depicting the Buddhaʼs descent from the Trayastrimsha heaven at Sankasya with the representation of his footprints and the bodhi tree, Butkhara, Pakistan (Gandhara), c. 2nd century CE, Swat Museum, Swat, Pakistan. (Courtesy: Vidya Dehejia, Discourse in Early Buddhist Art: Visual Narratives of India, Fig. 38).

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The art of Bharhut, dominated by sculptural reliefs narrating a popular facet of Buddhism in the form of the immense Jataka literature, represent the emergence of visual narrative art in India.—Bharhut represents the earliest evidence of narrative art which display many story telling techniques.

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