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Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

vaṭaṇēṃ (वटणें).—v c To roll (cotton) with an iron or a wooden bar to force out its seeds. 2 P To stack or pile (grass, sheaves, stones).

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vaṭaṇēṃ (वटणें).—n The implement (generally a bar iron or wooden) with which raw cotton is rolled in being seeded.

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vataṇēṃ (वतणें).—v i (Better utaṇēṃ q. v.) To boil up and flow over &c.

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vataṇēṃ (वतणें).—v c (Properly ōtaṇēṃ) To pour. 2 To form by melting and pouring into a mould, to cast.

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vāṭaṇēṃ (वाटणें).—v c To grind finely by rubbing with a muller; to levigate; to mash. 2 fig. To discuss or debate; to revolve or sift thoroughly. vāṭūna ghāṭūna With grinding and rubbing, with levigating and mashing. 2 fig. Oppressively, with harassing and worrying. v khā, pi, giḷa. Ex. hā vā0 mājhā prāṇa khātō or vā0 malā pyāyālā pāhatō.

--- OR ---

vāṭaṇēṃ (वाटणें).—v i & in. con. To seem or appear unto; to strike as bearing a certain semblance or certain qualities, indications &c. Ex. hyā raṅgācēṃ pāgōṭēṃ malā cāṅgalēṃ vāṭatēṃ; āja pāūsa paḍēlasā vāṭatō. 2 To arise or be in the mind of (as desirable &c.); to be in the contemplation of. Ex. saṃsāra sōḍāvāsēṃ vāṭatēṃ.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English

vaṭaṇēṃ (वटणें).—v t To roll cotton with an iron or wooden bar to force the seed out.

--- OR ---

vāṭaṇēṃ (वाटणें).—v t Levigate; mash. Fig. Discuss.

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