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In Hinduism

Vyakarana (Sanskrit grammar)

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Source: Wikisource: A dictionary of Sanskrit grammar

Pratirūpaka (प्रतिरूपक).—Similar in appearance: cf. उपसर्गविभक्तिस्वरप्रतिरूपकाश्च निपाता भवन्ति (upasargavibhaktisvarapratirūpakāśca nipātā bhavanti) M. Bh. on P. II. 2.24 Vart. 22, as also on P. III. 4.2; cf. उपसर्गप्रतिरूपका निपाताः, तिङन्तप्रतिरूपका निपाताः (upasargapratirūpakā nipātāḥ, tiṅantapratirūpakā nipātāḥ); cf also अस्ति च समासप्रतिरूपको रूढिशब्दः स्वतन्त्र इति (asti ca samāsapratirūpako rūḍhiśabdaḥ svatantra iti) Nyasa on P. I. 4.54.

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Vyakarana (व्याकरण, vyākaraṇa) refers to Sanskrit grammar and represents one of the six additional sciences (vedanga) to be studied along with the Vedas. Vyakarana concerns itself with the rules of Sanskrit grammar and linguistic analysis in order to establish the correct context of words and sentences.

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In Jainism

General definition (in Jainism)

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Source: Trisastisalakapurusacaritra

Pratirūpaka (प्रतिरूपक) refers to one of the sixty-three Indras, according to chapter 3.1 [sambhava-jina-caritra] of Hemacandra’s 11th century Triṣaṣṭiśalākāpuruṣacaritra (“lives of the 63 illustrious persons”): a Sanskrit epic poem narrating the history and legends of sixty-three important persons in Jainism.

Accordingly: “[...] Because of the trembling of his throne just then, the Indra Acyuta immediately employed unobstructed clairvoyant knowledge, and Prāṇata also, and [viz., Pratirūpaka, ...], the Sun and Moon—these sixty-three Indras and their retinues in magnificent style, hurrying to the peak of Meru for the Jina’s bath, came together as if staying in a neighbor’s house.”.

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Jainism is an Indian religion of Dharma whose doctrine revolves around harmlessness (ahimsa) towards every living being. The two major branches (Digambara and Svetambara) of Jainism stimulate self-control (or, shramana, ‘self-reliance’) and spiritual development through a path of peace for the soul to progess to the ultimate goal.

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Languages of India and abroad

Sanskrit dictionary

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Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary

Pratirūpaka (प्रतिरूपक).—a. resembling, similar (at the end of comp.); जहीमान् राक्षसान् पापानात्मनः प्रतिरूपकान् (jahīmān rākṣasān pāpānātmanaḥ pratirūpakān) Mahābhārata (Bombay) 3.29.11; चेष्टाप्रतिरूपिका मनोवृत्तिः (ceṣṭāpratirūpikā manovṛttiḥ) Ś.1. (-kam) 1 a picture, an image; अग्निदैर्गर- दैश्चैव प्रतिरूपककारकैः (agnidairgara- daiścaiva pratirūpakakārakaiḥ) Mahābhārata (Bombay) 12.59.49.

2) a forged edict; जर्जरं चास्य विषयं कुर्वन्ति प्रतिरूपकैः (jarjaraṃ cāsya viṣayaṃ kurvanti pratirūpakaiḥ) Mahābhārata (Bombay) 12.56.52.

3) a reflection.

Pratirūpaka is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms prati and rūpaka (रूपक).

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Benfey Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Pratirūpaka (प्रतिरूपक).—[-pratirūpa + ka], latter part of comp. adj., f. pikā, Resembling, counterfeiting, [Mānavadharmaśāstra] 11, 9; [Śākuntala, (ed. Böhtlingk.)] 16, 12.

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Cappeller Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Pratirūpaka (प्रतिरूपक).—[neuter] & [adjective] = [preceding] 1 & 2.

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

1) Pratirūpaka (प्रतिरूपक):—[=prati-rūpaka] n. an image, a picture, [cf. Lexicographers, esp. such as amarasiṃha, halāyudha, hemacandra, etc.]

2) [v.s. ...] forgery, [Nārada-smṛti, nāradīya-dharma-śāstra]

3) [v.s. ...] ([probably]) a forged edict, [Mahābhārata]

4) [v.s. ...] mf(ikā)n. similar, corresponding, having the appearance of anything (generally ifc.), [Mahābhārata; Manu-smṛti; Śakuntalā] etc.

5) [v.s. ...] m. a quack, charlatan, [Caraka]

Source: DDSA: Paia-sadda-mahannavo; a comprehensive Prakrit Hindi dictionary (S)

Pratirūpaka (प्रतिरूपक) in the Sanskrit language is related to the Prakrit word: Paḍirūvaga.

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Pratirupaka in German

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Sanskrit, also spelled संस्कृतम् (saṃskṛtam), is an ancient language of India commonly seen as the grandmother of the Indo-European language family (even English!). Closely allied with Prakrit and Pali, Sanskrit is more exhaustive in both grammar and terms and has the most extensive collection of literature in the world, greatly surpassing its sister-languages Greek and Latin.

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