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Shaiva philosophy

Source: Google Books: The Recognition Sutras

The country of Pakistan in ancient times used to a Tantrik kingdom, similair to the Kashmir valley, from which originated many Sanskrit scriptures, such as the 11th century Pratyabhijñāhṛdaya.—In the time of Kṣemarāja, Kashmir was a Tantrik kingdom, which means the rulers were (usually) Tantrik initiates who generously patronized the tradition—and therefore indirectly made possible this book! At that time there were many Tantrik kingdoms in the Asian world, such as those of Bali, Champa (coastal Vietnam), Angkor Wat (in Cambodia), and Tibet, and many more in India, Nepal, and what is now Pakistan. Until just a few years ago Nepal was a Tantrik kingdom, and nearby Bhutan is the last of the Tantrik kingdoms existing today.

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