The Three Gods of Hindus

author: Kunwar Anil Kumar
edition: 2014, Manoj Publications
pages: 144
language: English
ISBN-10: 8181337913
Topic: Shaivism

Summary: This is the “Three Gods of Hindus”: The Divine Stories of Lord Ganesha, Rama-faithful Hanumana and the parental Shiva-Parvati.

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Everything in this world is divine to see which one needs a divine sight. It is blessed by the gods when prayed to. God is one who looks ordinary but shows all signs of divinity.
Some scholars explain various gods as symbols of various attributes or qualities. They don't believe them to be historic characters. Whereas Puranas accept the existence of their domains and so their being historic characters in that sense.
Puranas present Shiva-Parvati as parents of the world and the symbols of faith and belief. Their younger son Ganesha is religious trouble-shooter and first-of-all worshipable among gods. The belief is that Shiva took in-carnation as Hanumana when Rama took birth.
All the three Hindu gods fulfil all the wishes instantly made by their devotees.
This book reveals the characters and the miracle acts of the three gods.
I pay my humble respects and obeisance to Parvati and Shiva who are symbols of faith and belief. Without their blessings one can feel the presence of God within oneself.
He has elephant head, is served by super natural powers, eats berries with relish and he destroys all glitches to smoothen the passage of all noble deeds. I pray to him.
I pay my deepest respect to Hanumana who is incredibly powerful, gleams like gold, destroys demons, is the best of all the sages, embodiment of all sublime qualities and who is the dearest messenger of Lord Rama.

Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the The Three Gods of Hindus in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

Eight incarnations of lord ganesha [link]
Origin of lord ganesha [link]
Childhood days of ganesha [link]
Descent of kaveri [link]
Ganesha view with his brother for marriage [link]
Moon cursed by ganesha [link]
Talasura [link]
Ganesha christened dhundhiraja [link]
Ravana tricked by ganesha [link]
Parashurama quarrels with ganesha [link]
Mouse-the vehicle of ganesha [link]
Sindoorasura slain by ganesha [link]
An introduction to shivapurana [link]
The twelve jyotirlingas [link]
Creation by lord shiva [link]
The birth of sati and her marriage [link]
Sati immolates herself [link]
Complete destruction of daksha-yajna by veerbhadra [link]
Daksha extended clemency by lord shiva [link]
Birth of parvati [link]
End of kamadeva's existence [link]
Lord shiva marries parvati [link]
Kartikeya born and taraka slain [link]
The three towns burned [link]
Lord vishnu worships lord shiva [link]
Upmanyu worships lord shiva [link]
Victory over death [link]
Lord shiva's incarnation as a hunter [link]
Origin of hanuman [link]
His childhood days [link]
Cursed by the rishis (sages) [link]
Hanuman with 'child shri rama' [link]
Hanuman with sugreeva [link]
Hanuman meets rama after a long time [link]
Hanuman selected to go to lanka [link]
The great battle and hanuman's role [link]

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