Rasendra Sara Sangraha of Sri Gopal Krishna

author: Ashok D. Satpute
edition: 2009, Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy
pages: 727
language: English
ISBN-10: 8121801222
ISBN-13: 9788121801225
Topic: Rasashastra

Summary: This is the English translation of the Rasendra-sara-sangraha, written in Sanskrit in the 14th century by Gopalakrisna Bhatt. It represents a compilation of topics dealing with mercury and other metals, all belonging to the ancient Indian science of Rasashastra (medicinal alchemy)

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Rasashastra is one of the important branches of Ayurveda, which revolutionized the ayurvedic pharmacopoea in the medieval period. Many scriptures were written during the period. Among them Rasendra Sara Sangraha is one of the important classical work.
Rasendra Sara Sangraha is a 14th century work, written by Gopalakrisna Bhatt. It is an exemplary work of compilation of various material related to rasa and other minerals. It deals with minerals and metals as well as therapeutics according diseases. It contains many effective formulations.
The English translation and commentary is done by Dr. Ashok D. Satpute, who is in the field since 23 years. The lucid language and critical commentary would certainly make this work valuable.
It is expected that this English version of Rasendra Sara Sangraha would help the students, teaching fraternity and vaidyas to a great extent.

Available pages:

[About the Author (Ashok D. Satpute)]

Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the Rasendra Sara Sangraha of Sri Gopal Krishna in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

Parada [link]
Varga (Groups) [link]
Uparasa [link]
Gandhaka [link]
Vajra [link]
Vaikranta [link]
Abharaka [link]
Haratala [link]
Manahsila [link]
Kharpara [link]
Tuttha [link]
Vimala [link]
Maksika [link]
Kasisa [link]
Kantapasana [link]
Varatika [link]
Anjana [link]
Hingula [link]
Silajatu [link]
Gairika [link]
Kankustha [link]
Tankana [link]
Sankha [link]
Dhatu (Metals) [link]
Virecana yogas [link]
Jwara Cikitsa [link]
Atisar Cikitsa [link]
Grahani Roga Cikitsa [link]
Arsa Cikitsa [link]
Ajirna Cikitsa [link]
Krimi Cikitsa [link]
Pandu Kamala Cikitsa [link]
Rakta Pitta Cikitsa [link]
Yaksma Cikitsa [link]
Kasa Cikitsa [link]
Hikka Swasa Cikitsa [link]
Svarabheda Cikitsa [link]
Arocaka Cikitsa [link]
Chardi Roga Cikitsa [link]
Trsna Cikitsa [link]
Murcha Roga Cikitsa [link]
Madatyaya Cikitsa [link]
Daha Cikitsa [link]
Unmada Roga Cikitsa [link]
Apasmara Cikitsa [link]
Vata Vyadhi Cikitsa [link]
Kapharoga Cikitsa [link]
Pitta Roga Cikitsa [link]
Vatarakta Cikitsa [link]
Urusthambha Cikitsa [link]
Amavata Cikitsa [link]
Sula Roga Cikitsa [link]
Udavart Anaha Cikitsa [link]
Gulma Roga Cikitsa [link]
Hrdroga Cikitsa [link]
Mutra Krchra Cikitsa [link]
Mutraghata Cikitsa [link]
Asmari Cikitsa [link]
Prahmeha Cikitsa [link]
Somaroga Cikitsa [link]
Sthoulya Cikitsa [link]
Udara Roga Cikitsa [link]
Pliharoga Cikitsa [link]
Sotha Roga Cikitsa [link]
Arbuda Cikitsa [link]
Slipada Cikitsa [link]
Bhagandara Cikitsa [link]
Upadamsa Cikitsa [link]
Kustharoga Cikitsa [link]
Switra Cikitsa [link]
Sitapitta Udarda Kotha Cikitsa [link]
Amlapitta Cikitsa [link]
Visarpa Visphota Tantuka Roga Cikitsa [link]
Masurika Cikitsa [link]
Mukharaoga Cikitsa [link]
Karnaroga Cikitsa [link]
Nasaroga Cikitsa [link]
Netraroga Cikitsa [link]
Siroroga Cikitsa [link]
Pradara Roga Cikitsa [link]
Yonivyapad Cikitsa [link]
Sutika Roga Cikitsa [link]
Balaroga Cikitsa [link]
Visa Cikitsa [link]
Rasayana-vajikarana [link]
Glosssary of technical terms [link]
Glossary of mineral drugs [link]
Glossary of medicinal plants [link]
Index of yogas (formulations) [link]
Weights and measurements [link]

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