Sripura (Archaeological Survey)

by Bikash Chandra Pradhan | 2011 | 37,938 words

This study examines the Archaeological remains of Sripura from the period A.D. 650-800, revealing all varieties of archaeological materials, viz., art and architecture, coins, copper plate and stone epigraphic records and seals etc. highlighting the history and cultural heritage of Shripura. This ancient city was the capital of South Koshala under ...

Scultures of Rakta-Lokesvara

[Registration No. 763; Size 13.5 x 7 cm]

The icon is somewhat akin to the figure just referred. Dressed in an antariya, held by a kati-mekhala with criss-cross designs, the four armed Lokesvara, with auspicious lines around the neck, is elegantly bedecked in valayas, armlelts of two stgrings, an upavita, ekavali and a short crown with two ornate vertical projections. An effigy of Amitabha is placed in frond of jatamukuta. Rising from either side of the head, are curly-locks of matted hair. There are tilaka marks on right open palm, up-looking soles and on the forehead.

With a calm face, half closed eyes he is seated in vajra-paryankasana mudra on bead edged pericarp of single lotus pedestal. Holding a noose in his principal left palm which rests on the knee, he displays the varada-mudra with just opposite palm also placed above the knee. He also exhibits abhaya-mudra, with holding an aksasutra by his back right hand and carries the stalk of a fullblown lotus flower by his back left hand.

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