Sanskrit sources of Kerala history

by Suma Parappattoli | 2010 | 88,327 words

This study deals with the history of Kerala based on ancient Sanskrit sources, such as the Keralamahatmyam. The modern state known as Keralam or Kerala is situated on the Malabar Coast of India. The first chapter of this study discusses the historical details from the inscriptions. The second chapter deals with the historical points from the Mahatm...

This book contains Sanskrit text which you should never take for granted as transcription mistakes are always possible. Always confer with the final source and/or manuscript.

An interesting poem on Kerala history has been referred to in Vadijanghalas commentary on Kavyadarsa of Dandin. Commenting on two stanzas occurring in the second chapter of Kavyadarsa[1], the commentator observes that the king Ratavarma in seen eulogised in a poem called Kerala-vamsa [Keralavamsa][2]. The commentory states that the Kerala king Ratavarma reached mount Kailasa[3]. In some edition of Kavyadarsa the name of the king is given as Rajavarma. Since Vadijanghala makes only this particular reference without giving any further details, it is not possible to know anything more about the work. The title suggests that it deals with the genealogy of the kings of Kerala.

Footnotes and references:


Sri. Balamanorama press, Mylapore, 1963, II -278 -279—
somaḥ sūryo marudbhūmirvyomamahotānalo jalam
iti rūpāṇyatikramya tvāṃ dṛṣṭuṃ deva ke vayaṃ
iti sākṣātkṛte deve rājño yat rātavarmaṇaḥ
prītiprakāśaṃ tacca preya ityavagamyatām ||


P.V. Kane, History of Sanskrit poetics, Delhi 1961, P 121;
K. Unnikkidavu, Keralavamsam, M.W. Calicut, April 8, 1973


P.V. Kane, Op.cit—keralavaṃśākhye kāvye rātavarmaṇaḥ iti; rātavarmā nāma keralānāmadhipatiratyantaśivabhaktaḥ so'pi digvijayavaśena kailāsaṃ prāptaḥ paśupatamantreṇa paśupatiṃ tryambakamārādhya dṛṣṭavān tadāmuṃ ślokaṃ pratiprakāśanāyoktvān ||

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