Sanskrit sources of Kerala history

by Suma Parappattoli | 2010 | 88,327 words

This study deals with the history of Kerala based on ancient Sanskrit sources, such as the Keralamahatmyam. The modern state known as Keralam or Kerala is situated on the Malabar Coast of India. The first chapter of this study discusses the historical details from the inscriptions. The second chapter deals with the historical points from the Mahatm...

This book contains Sanskrit text which you should never take for granted as transcription mistakes are always possible. Always confer with the final source and/or manuscript.

The Trivandrum Huzur plates of Ko-Karunantadakkar

A set of six copper plates, with neatly cut inscription on both sides in Vatteluttu,

Grantha scripts and Sanskrit languages had been brought to light from the Tvm Huzur Office by T.A. Gopinatha Rao[1]. The most important in the group is an inscription of the local king Ko-karunantadakkar.

About the date of the record Rao writes—

‘The day given in the present instants falls in the year 786-7 (864-865 AD) Therefore the date of accession of king must be 777 (855-856 AD)[2]

This inscription contains towards its end an excellent Sanskrit verse dealing with the king’s descent parentage and prowess.

The verse runs as follows:

vṛddhiṃ prāpya yaśodayopajanitāṃ nandaṃ nayannunnatim
  vaṃśaṃ yādavamapyabaddhamakhilaṃ gomaṇḍalaṃ pālayan |
  vikrāntiṃ paribahmayan diśatu vaḥ śrīvallabho maṅgalam ||

This verse furnishes the historical facts—The king had a cognomen Srivallabha, he belonged to the Yadava race. He ruled in Malai mandalam (Kerala) His father was named Nanda.

Karunantadakkar had the other name, Srivallabha. This is well borne out by the Thripparappu fragmentery copper plate which speaks of Karunantadakkar’s officer in charge of producing weapons as Aviyalanradakkan alias Srivallabhapperumpanikkan[3].

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