Folk Tales of Gujarat (and Jhaverchand Meghani)

by Vandana P. Soni | 2014 | 98,532 words

This study represents an English translation of the Gujarat Folk tales composed by Gujarati poet Jhaverchand Meghani (1896-1947). Meghani was born in Chotila and left an important landmark on the history of Saurashtra and Gujarat folklore, Indian poetry, journalism and other literary sciences....

Chapter 17 - Muni Vrat

As per the ritual the observer of the does not speak during a day. They break up their self imposed abstinence to speak or talk when the stars twinkle in the sky. When the ritual vows get over? It gets over when they sing the poem.

When they behold stars rising in the sky, when jingling sounds of gong and rattling sounds of drum sound in all temples; at that time girls start speaking:

Ant vage
Ghant vage
Jalar no jankar vage
Akashe ugiya tara
Bole muni vala

The bell rings
Jingling sound of gong is heard
Stars have risen in the sky
The observers of the ritual of observing abstinence start speaking.

At some other places the following song is also sung:

Jalar janki
Kansi ranki
Ugya tara
Muni Mara
Muniya na Vrat chhutiya
Bolo muni ram ram

A gong chimes
Cymbals chime
Stars have risen in the sky
My muni
Your vow of not to speak is over.
Muni speaks Ram Ram.

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