Folk Tales of Gujarat (and Jhaverchand Meghani)

by Vandana P. Soni | 2014 | 98,532 words

This study represents an English translation of the Gujarat Folk tales composed by Gujarati poet Jhaverchand Meghani (1896-1947). Meghani was born in Chotila and left an important landmark on the history of Saurashtra and Gujarat folklore, Indian poetry, journalism and other literary sciences....

Chapter 16 - Bij Mavdi

It is a very small ritual. Every month on the second day when the moon rises; all children gather on the terrace to see the moon. On looking at the moon which looks like a thin thread of silver, children sing:

Bij Mavdi
Chule tavdi
Be godha ne ek gavdi
Bij mavdi

An earthen round shallow baking plate on a hot plate
Two bulls and a one cow.

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