Atharvaveda and Charaka Samhita

by Laxmi Maji | 2021 | 143,541 words

This page relates ‘Jayadeva Vidyalankara (Ayurveda Scholar)’ found in the study on diseases and remedies found in the Atharvaveda and Charaka-samhita. These texts deal with Ayurveda—the ancient Indian Science of life—which lays down the principles for keeping a sound health involving the use of herbs, roots and leaves. The Atharvaveda refers to one of the four Vedas (ancient Sanskrit texts encompassing all kinds of knowledge and science) containing many details on Ayurveda, which is here taken up for study.

Jayadeva Vidyālaṅkāra (Āyurveda Scholar)

Joydeva [Jayadeva] Vidyālaṅkāra is one of the notable Āyurveda Ācāryas of the modern age. He was a scholarly writer in the tradition of Gurukul Kāṅgrī Haridwar. He wrote a Hindi commentary on the Caraka-Saṃhitā which is very popular. The eighth edition was published in 1970. He wrote Hindi commentaries on Cikitsākalikā and Bhaiṣajyaratnāvalī which are very popular. Its duration is the twentieth century[1].

Footnotes and references:


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