Sahitya-kaumudi by Baladeva Vidyabhushana

by Gaurapada Dāsa | 2015 | 234,703 words

Baladeva Vidyabhusana’s Sahitya-kaumudi covers all aspects of poetical theory except the topic of dramaturgy. All the definitions of poetical concepts are taken from Mammata’s Kavya-prakasha, the most authoritative work on Sanskrit poetical rhetoric. Baladeva Vidyabhushana added the eleventh chapter, where he expounds additional ornaments from Visv...

[This illustrates niścayānta sandeha (a doubt at first, but certainty in the end):]

स्मर-जय-लिपि-युक्ता हाटकी पट्टिकेयं किमु विधृत-मनोभू-शस्त्रिकं स्वर्ण-पीठम् |
मदन-भुजग-पाशाधार-तूणं नु हैमं नहि लसति विराजद्-वेणि राधा-सुपृष्ठम् ||

smara-jaya-lipi-yuktā hāṭakī paṭṭikeyaṃ kimu vidhṛta-manobhū-śastrikaṃ svarṇa-pīṭham |
madana-bhujaga-pāśādhāra-tūṇaṃ nu haimaṃ nahi lasati virājad-veṇi rādhā-supṛṣṭham ||

smara-jaya—of Cupid’s victory; lipi—with the inscription; yuktā—endowed; hāṭakī—golden; paṭṭikā—tablet; iyam—this; kim u—whether; vidhṛta—are held; manobhū—of Cupid; śastrikam—in which the weapons; svarṇa—golden; pīṭham—the seat (the foundational place); madana—of Cupid; bhujaga-pāśa—of the snake rope; ādhāra—which is the receptacle; tūṇam—a quiver; nu—whether; haimam—golden; nahi—no; lasati—resplendent; virājat—is being resplendent; veṇi—on which a braid; rādhā—of Rādhā; supṛṣṭham—the superb back.

Is this a golden slab with a commemorative inscription of Cupid’s triumph? Could it be a golden armory where Cupid’s weapons are kept? Or is it Cupid’s golden quiver that serves as a receptacle for a noose weapon in the form of a snake? No, it is Rādhā’s beautiful back which is resplendent with a splendid braid on it! (Govinda-līlāmṛta 11.72)

atrādau saṃśayo’nte tu niścayaḥ.

There is a doubt at first, but there is certainty in the end.

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