Rasa Jala Nidhi, vol 5: Treatment of various afflictions

by Bhudeb Mookerjee | 1938 | 63,627 words | ISBN-10: 8170305829 | ISBN-13: 9788170305828

This fifth volume of the Rasa-jala-nidhi deals with the symptoms, treatment and dietary prescriptions of various afflictions. For example, ratapitta (haemoptysis), cough, asthma, tumours and obesity are dealth with and various Iatro-chemical recipes are provided for these diseases. The Rasa-jala-nidhi (“the ocean of Iatrochemistry, or, chemical me...

Part 11 - Chemists of the Metallic School: Mandavya

Nagarjuna, the author of Rasa-ratnakara No. I, who flourished between the 1st and the 4th centuries B.C. has drawn much upon Mandavya, who flourished at least 1200 years before Nagarjuna, i.e., about 1600 B.C. His works have not yet been discovered. The principle which we intend to follow in the matter of fixing dates in this case is our presumption that at least 100 years elapsed after the compilation of one famous treatise before the necessity for a new compilation was strongly felt.


Rasasastra category This concludes ‘Mandavya’ included in Bhudeb Mookerjee’s Rasa Jala Nidhi, vol 5: Treatment of various afflictions. The text includes treatments, recipes and remedies and is categorised as Rasa Shastra: an important branch of Ayurveda that specialises in medicinal/ herbal chemistry, alchemy and mineralogy, for the purpose of prolonging and preserving life.

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