Garga Samhita (English)

by Danavir Goswami | 425,489 words

The Garga-samhita Verse 3.6.24, English translation, including word-by-word: This text represents a Vaishnava scripture which narrates the life Krishna, It was composed in seventeen cantos by Garga Muni: an ancient sage and priest of the Yadu dynasty having. This is verse 3 of Chapter 6 (The Test of Shri Krishna) of Canto 3 (giriraja-khanda).

Sanskrit text, transliteration and word-by-word meaning:

अथवा क्रीडनार्थं हि
कृष्णो यदि गृहीतवान्
बलदेवो ऽथवा बालस्
तौ पृच्छे दीन-मानसः

athavā krīḍanārthaṃ hi
kṛṣṇo yadi gṛhītavān
baladevo 'thavā bālas
tau pṛcche dīna-mānasaḥ

athavā—or; krīḍanārtham—in order to play; hi—indeed; kṛṣṇaḥKṛṣṇa; yadi—if; gṛhītavān—took; baladevaḥBaladeva; athavā—or; bālaḥ—boys; tau—They; pṛcche—I will ask; dīna-mānasaḥ—poor at heart.

English translation of verse 3.6.24:

Now I am unhappy at heart. I will ask whether Kṛṣṇa or Balarāma took the necklaces for their playing.

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