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The Sanskrit term Kṛṣṇāvatāra can be transliterated into English as Krsnavatara or Krishnavatara, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

In Hinduism

Shilpashastra (iconography)

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Kṛṣṇāvatāra (कृष्णावतार) or Kṛṣṇa is one of the daśāvatāra (ten incarnations) of Viṣṇu, is found depicted at the  Kallazhagar Temple in  Madurai, which represents a sacred place for the worship of Viṣṇu.—[in Kṛṣṇāvatāra, ] Kṛṣṇa is found with two hands holding the flute near his mouth as if playing on it.

Source: Shodhganga: The significance of the mūla-beras (śilpa)
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Shilpashastra (शिल्पशास्त्र, śilpaśāstra) represents the ancient Indian science (shastra) of creative arts (shilpa) such as sculpture, iconography and painting. Closely related to Vastushastra (architecture), they often share the same literature.

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kṛṣṇāvatāra (कृष्णावतार).—m (S) The incarnation of viṣṇu under the form kṛṣṇa.

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

kṛṣṇāvatāra (कृष्णावतार).—m The incarnation of viṣṇu under the form kṛṣṇa.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English
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Marathi is an Indo-European language having over 70 million native speakers people in (predominantly) Maharashtra India. Marathi, like many other Indo-Aryan languages, evolved from early forms of Prakrit, which itself is a subset of Sanskrit, one of the most ancient languages of the world.

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