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Source: Dhamma Dana: Pali English Glossary

Set of the eight points that the bhikkhunis are supposed to observe within the sangha. Here, we deal with the eight conditions that Buddha has laid down for women, while enabling them to found a feminine sangha. These conditions are meant for cultivating healthy relationships between the two communities and securing the safety of the bhikkhunis. The eight garudhammas:

  1. Whatever his rank of seniority might be (even if having reached a hundred years), a bhikkhuni must always pay respects that ought to be to be paid to bhikkhus of all ranks of seniority (even to the ones who integrated the sangha the very same day), such as respectfully saluting him, to stand before him and to raise and join ones palms.
  2. The bhikkhunis are not authorised to spend the vassa in an area where there are no bhikkhus.
  3. During each day of uposatha, the bhikkhunis must address the sangha of bhikkhus so as to inquire about two things: The date of the uposatha and the predicate of dhamma teachings.
  4. Following the vassa, each bhikkhuni must address an invitation to two communities ( bhikkhus and bhikkhunis) so that a bhikkhu or a bhikkhuni may accuse the former of having committed a/some fault(s) if he/she has seen or heard something or does have suspicions.
  5. A bhikkhuni who has committed a sanghadisesa must follow the procedure of the manatta among both communities during fifteen days.
  6. To a bhikkhuni, the integration within the sangha can be done only among both communities and after having observed the first six precepts without having committed any fault over the past two years prior to the integration.
  7. A bhikkhuni is under no pretence authorised to reprimand a bhikkhu.
  8. The bhikkhunis do enjoy no right to give teachings to bhikkhu but the bhikkhus do have the right to give teachings to bhikkhunis.

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Theravāda is a major branch of Buddhism having the the Pali canon (tipitaka) as their canonical literature, which includes the vinaya-pitaka (monastic rules), the sutta-pitaka (Buddhist sermons) and the abhidhamma-pitaka (philosophy and psychology).

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Source: Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary

Garudhamma refers to: a rule to be observed. There are 8 chief rules enum. at Vin.II, 255=A.IV, 276, 280; see also Vin.IV, 51, 315; V, 136. Taken in the sense of a violation of these rules Vin.I, 49=II.226; I, 52, 143, 144; II, 279;

Note: garudhamma is a Pali compound consisting of the words garu and dhamma.

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Pali is the language of the Tipiṭaka, which is the sacred canon of Theravāda Buddhism and contains much of the Buddha’s speech. Closeley related to Sanskrit, both languages are used interchangeably between religions.

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