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Source: Wisdom Library: Hinduism

Gārhapatyāgni (गार्हपत्याग्नि, “The householder’s fire”):—One of the five forms of Agni’s ritual fire. This form of fire is brought into the house after the marriage ceremony and is the centre of family rituals. It is to be kept ever alive and all the offerings of the married man should be offered into it.

Source: Google Books: 16 Hindu Samskaras

Gārhapatya - the fire that we use at homes.

Source: Vedas: Yagnya

Features of the Yagnya (yajna or sacrifice). This is the opportunity for all those who have not done even a single Yagnyam so far in their lives to start the Agnyādānam. By performing this we will be doing the Prāyahchitham of not doing the Yagnyam so far in our lives. This Agnyādānam is due to Gruha Agni which brings prosperity to the family and protects from all calamities. All families/individuals will be given opportunity to do this karma.

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