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Chid (छिद्).—7 U. (chinatti, chinte, ciccheda, acchidat, acchaitsīt, acchitta, chettum, chinna)

1) To cut, cut or lop off, hew, mow, tear, pierce, break asunder, rend, split, divide; नैनं छिन्दन्ति शस्त्राणि (nainaṃ chindanti śastrāṇi) Bg.2.23; R.12.8; Ms.4.69,7;9. 276; Y.2.32.

2) To disturb, interrupt (as sleep).

3) To remove, drive off, destroy, quell, annihilate; तृष्णां छिन्द्धि (tṛṣṇāṃ chinddhi) Bh.2.77; एतन्मे संशयं छिन्द्धि मतिर्मे संप्रमुह्यति (etanme saṃśayaṃ chinddhi matirme saṃpramuhyati) Mb; राघवो रथमप्राप्तां तामाशां च सुरद्विषाम् । अर्धचन्द्रमुखैर्बाणैश्चि- च्छेद कदलीमुखम् (rāghavo rathamaprāptāṃ tāmāśāṃ ca suradviṣām | ardhacandramukhairbāṇaiści- ccheda kadalīmukham) || R.12.96; Ku.7.16.

4) To take away, remove, deprive of; न नः किंचिद् छिद्यते (na naḥ kiṃcid chidyate) Ś. B. we do not lose anything [cf. L. scindo].

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Chid (छिद्).—a. (At the end of comp.) Cutting, dividing, destroying, removing, splitting &c.; श्रमच्छिदामाश्रम- पादपानाम् (śramacchidāmāśrama- pādapānām) R.5.6; पङ्कच्छिदः फलस्य (paṅkacchidaḥ phalasya) M.2.8. -m. The divisor, denominator.

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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