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In Hinduism

Nāṭyaśāstra (theatrics and dramaturgy)

Ardhanatkuṭa (अर्धनत्कुट) refers to one of the varieties of the catuṣpadā type of song, according to the Nāṭyaśāstra chapter 31. Accordingly, “the song which is divided into halves, is called ardhanatkuṭa. And when followed by tryasra tāla, it is called ardhakhañja”.

(Source): Wisdom Library: Nāṭya-śāstra
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Nāṭyaśāstra (नाट्यशास्त्र, natya-shastra) refers to both the ancient Indian tradition of performing arts, (e.g., theatrics, drama, dance, music), as well as the name of a Sanskrit work dealing with these subjects. It also teaches the rules for composing dramatic plays (nāṭya) and poetic works (kāvya).

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