Sripura (Archaeological Survey)

by Bikash Chandra Pradhan | 2011 | 37,938 words

This study examines the Archaeological remains of Sripura from the period A.D. 650-800, revealing all varieties of archaeological materials, viz., art and architecture, coins, copper plate and stone epigraphic records and seals etc. highlighting the history and cultural heritage of Shripura. This ancient city was the capital of South Koshala under ...

Scultures of Manjuvara

Two of the six Manjusri icons are recognized as Manjuvara form of Bodhisattva. Being in similar aspect of the god, they are slight variant in physiognomic representation.

Clad in an antariya held by a string, Manjusri, with javeline locks of hair, is bedecked in valaya, armlets with flower shaped central piece, padma-kundala in right and round-heavy kundala in left ear, a short crown, a necklace along with an amulet, two tiger-nails. The hair is arranged in cold locks above the crown, two falling on the sides. This image is recognized as Manjuvara form of Manjusri.

The circular halo having plain inner part, beaded line between two mouldings and border of series of closely-knit conch-shell motifs, resting on back of the pedestal, serve as prabhamandala, around whole body of the deity. The linking wires are decorated same as above example.

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