Sripura (Archaeological Survey)

by Bikash Chandra Pradhan | 2011 | 37,938 words

This study examines the Archaeological remains of Sripura from the period A.D. 650-800, revealing all varieties of archaeological materials, viz., art and architecture, coins, copper plate and stone epigraphic records and seals etc. highlighting the history and cultural heritage of Shripura. This ancient city was the capital of South Koshala under ...

Scultures of Manjusri

Of the six icons of Manjusri of this hoard, two (Reg. No. 790 & 797) are identical in the asana and attributes in hands. Seated in the lalitasana attitude with their folded left leg placed on the visvapadma, all of them except Vajraraga, display the varada-mudra with padma, all of them except Vajraraga, display the varada-mudra with their right palm and hold the stalk of an utpala either alone or supporting a book (which is specifically noted as the prajnaparamita) or sword.

He was assigned second place in group of sixteen Bodhisattvas headed by Maitreya and carries thirteen nomenclatures, worshiped in all Buddhist countries. Mahayanists accept him to be one of greatest Bodhisattvas as god of learning. His worship is supposed to confer upon the sadhakas (disciples) wisdom, retentive memory, intelligence and eloquence. His name first occurs in the Manjusrimulakalpa and then in the Guhyasamajatantra (Guptpe 1972; 130). He is also referred to in accounts of Fa-Hien, Huien-Tsang and Itsing (Bhattacharya 1928; 100).

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