The backdrop of the Srikanthacarita and the Mankhakosa

by Dhrubajit Sarma | 2015 | 94,519 words

This page relates “Alamkara (19): Nidarshana or illustration” as it appears in the case study regarding the Srikanthacarita and the Mankhakosa. The Shrikanthacarita was composed by Mankhaka, sometimes during A.D. 1136-1142. The Mankhakosa or the Anekarthakosa is a kosa text of homonymous words, composed by the same author.

Part 5s - Alaṃkāra (19): Nidarśanā or illustration

When a possible or, as is sometimes the case, even an impossible connection of things implies a relation of type and prototype, it is Nidarśanā[1] or illustration. In the verse, vyutpattipratipatticañcuravacaḥ[2] ……., it has been stated that one who is not familiar with different scriptures, if tries to compose poetry on vakramārga, then he is, as if, fighting in a battle forsaking his armour, tricks etc. and takes recourse to a wooden sword. Hence, as if, one wins a battle even without fighting and likewise creates a poem without expertise on his part. Therefore, it stands as an illustration of the figure illustration i.e. Nidarśanā, as there is the relation of type and prototype between the upamāna and the upameya.

Footnotes and references:


sambhavan vastusambandho’sambhavan vā’pi kutracit/
yatra bimbānubimbatvaṃ bodhayetsā nidarśanā// Sāhityadarpaṇa., X. 51


vyutpattipratipatticañcuravacaḥsañcāravācaṃyamo vakreṇaiva kalālavena kurute yaḥ kāvyamavyākulaḥ/
muktvā varma vihāya karma ca samitkālocitaṃ so’khilaṃ viśvaṃ dārumayena jetumasinā saṃrambhato jṛmbhate// Śrīkaṇṭhacarita., II. 46

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