Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita

by Nayana Sharma | 2015 | 139,725 words

This page relates ‘details of hospital management’ of the study on the Charaka Samhita and the Sushruta Samhita, both important and authentic Sanskrit texts belonging to Ayurveda: the ancient Indian science of medicine and nature. The text anaylsis its medical and social aspects, and various topics such as diseases and health-care, the physician, their training and specialisation, interaction with society, educational training, etc.

Appendix 2 - The details of hospital management

The details of hospital management from the Tirumukuḍḍal inscription:[1]

Hospital in charge Savarṇan Kodaṇḍarāman Asvatthāmā Bhaṭṭan 90 kalam of paddy and 8 kāśu (cash) in addition to a grant of land held in perpetuity
Surgeon Challiyakkṛiyai (= Śalya-Kṛiyai) 30 kalam of paddy
Two herb collectors with additional duties of supplying fuel and preparation of medicines. 30 kalam of paddy and 1 kāśu
Two nurses 15 kalams of paddy and ½ kāśu each
Barber 15 kalam of paddy
Hospitalised patients 15 nāḷi @1 nāḷi of rice per head per day
Lighting of lamps 2 ¼ kāśu annually for purchase of 45 nāḷi of oil @ 1 alakku per night,
Waterman 15 kalam of paddy
Medicines 40 kāśu

Footnotes and references:


S. Basu Majumdar, “Medical Practitioners, Medicines and Medical Institutions in Epigraphs”, pp. 24-26.

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