Tiruvaymoli (Thiruvaimozhi): English translation

by S. Satyamurthi Ayyangar | 388,514 words

This is the English translation of the Tiruvaymoli (or, Thiruvaimozhi): An ancient Tamil text consisting of 1102 verses which were sung by the poet-saint Nammalvar as an expression of his devotion to Vishnu. Hence, it is an important devotional book in Vaishnavism. Nammalvar is one of the twelve traditional saints of Tamil Nadu (Southern India), kn...

Tamil text and transliteration:

பற்றுஎன்று பற்றி பரம பரம்பரனை
மல் திண்தோள் மாலை வழுதி வளநாடன்
சொல் தொடைஅந்தாதி ஓர்ஆயிரத்துள் இப்பத்தும்
கற்றார்க்கு ஓர்பற்றாகும் கண்ணன் கழல்இணையே. (2)

paṟṟueṉṟu paṟṟi parama paramparaṉai
mal tiṇtōḷ mālai vaḻuti vaḷanāṭaṉ
col toṭaiantāti ōrāyirattuḷ ippattum
kaṟṟārkku ōrpaṟṟākum kaṇṇaṉ kaḻaliṇaiyē. (2)

English translation of verse 10.4.11:

Unto those that learn these songs ten,
Out of the thousand composed by Vaḻutivaḷanāṭaṉ,[1]
Who stuck fast, as his haven safe,
To the Supreme Lord with sinewy shoulders, shall be vouchsafed
Kaṇṇaṉ’s lovely pair of feet, their destined goal.


The chanters of this decad shall easily attain the lovely pair of feet of the Supreme Lord, whose omnipotence helps to vanquish all the enemies, the impediments that stand in the way of His ardent devotees attaining Him.

Footnotes and references:

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