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In Hinduism

Vaishnavism (Vaishava dharma)

Source: Dictionaries (vaisnavism)

Caṭakōpaṉ is another name for Nammāḻvār: The most important among the twelve Hindu Āḻvārs.—Caṭakōpaṉ may have lived during the 7th or earlier 8th cent. Mystic and theologian, he created a novel poetic style of bhakti poetry of great sophistication, and contributed almost one-third of the Nāl-āyira-divya-prabandham. His poems exhibit a profound devotion to Viṣṇu and his avatāras, especially Kṛṣṇa.

Source: Dvādaśa-mūrti in Tamil Tradition

Caṭakōpaṉ (சடகோபன்) is another name for Nammāḻvār: one of the twelve Āḻvār saints of Tamil Nadu, India.—Nammāḻvār, in Tamil Vaiṣṇava tradition, comes next to Tirumaṅkkai in as far as the contribution to Indian sacred literature is concerned. [...] Nammāḻvār was known as Māṟan, Caṭakōpaṉ, Caṭāri and Tiruppuḷiyāḻvār. He was by birth a veḷḷāḷa (landlord or serf). He is considered a manifestation of Viṣvaksena, Tamil Cēṉai-mutaliyār. His disciple was  Maturakavi, a Brāhmaṇa.

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Vaishnava (वैष्णव, vaiṣṇava) or vaishnavism (vaiṣṇavism) represents a tradition of Hinduism worshipping Vishnu as the supreme Lord. Similar to the Shaktism and Shaivism traditions, Vaishnavism also developed as an individual movement, famous for its exposition of the dashavatara (‘ten avatars of Vishnu’).

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