Chandogya Upanishad (english Translation)

by Swami Lokeswarananda | 165,421 words | ISBN-10: 8185843910 | ISBN-13: 9788185843919

This is the English translation of the Chandogya-upanishad, including a commentary based on Swami Lokeswarananda’s weekly discourses; incorporating extracts from Shankara’s bhasya. The Chandogya Upanishad is a major Hindu philosophical text incorporated in the Sama Veda, and dealing with meditation and Brahman. This edition includes the Sanskrit t...

Verse 5.1.3

यो ह वै प्रतिष्ठां वेद प्रति ह तिष्ठत्यस्मिंश्च लोकेऽमुष्मिंश्च चक्षुर्वाव प्रतिष्ठा ॥ ५.१.३ ॥

yo ha vai pratiṣṭhāṃ veda prati ha tiṣṭhatyasmiṃśca loke'muṣmiṃśca cakṣurvāva pratiṣṭhā || 5.1.3 ||

3. He who knows the support attains a support in this world and also in the other world [i.e., heaven]. The eye is indeed the support.

Word-for-word explanation:

Yaḥ ha vai, he who; pratiṣṭhām veda, knows the support; asmin ca loke, in this world; amuṣmin ca, and in the other [world]; pratitiṣṭhati, attains a support; cakṣuḥ vāva pratiṣṭhā, the eye is surely the support.


Good sight is necessary for success in life. A sharp eye is not merely a physical asset; it is also a mental asset. It means a good and sharp sense of judgement. One can easily avoid the pitfalls of life, physical as well as moral, with good sight. Given this quality, you are safe in this world as well as in the other.