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Brahma Purana

General info:

Book date:1955
Word count: 243,464 Words
Characters: 1,466,411 Characters
Read Level: 3, Not Easy
Added on: 2018-03-16

Short Introduction:

The English translation of the Brahma Purana, one of the eighteen major (maha-) puranas. Contents include cosmology, genealogy (solar dynasty etc.), mythology, geology and Dharma.

The text is notable for its extenstive geological survey including descriptions of holy sites (tirthas) around the Godavari river region and modern Odisha.

Alternate titles of this text:
Brahma-purāṇa (ब्रह्म-पुराण);
Brahmapurāṇa (ब्रह्मपुराण)

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