The Brahma Purana

by G. P. Bhatt | 1955 | 243,464 words

This is the Brahma Purana in English (translation from Sanskrit), which is one of the eighteen Maha Puranas. The contents of this ancient Indian encyclopedic treatise include cosmology, genealogy (solar dynasty etc.), mythology, geology and Dharma (universal law of nature). The Brahma Purana is notable for its extenstive geological survey includin...

Chapter 92 - Rukmin is slain

Vyāsa said:

1-2. Rukmiṇī gave birth to eight sons, viz. Cārudeṣṇa, Sudeṣṇa, Cārudeha, Suṣeṇa, Cārugupta, Bhadracāru, Cāruvinda (Cāruvindhya) and Cāru who was the most excellent among the strong ones.

She gave birth to a daughter Cārumatī also.

3-5. Kṛṣṇa had seven other splendid wives. They were: Kālindī, Mitravindā, Satyā the daughter of Nagnajit, the gentle lady Jāmbavatī who was always contented, Rohiṇī another virtuous daughter of Madra king with good conduct, Satyabhāmā the daughter of Satrājit and Lakṣmaṇā of sweet and beautiful smiles. The discus-bearing lord had sixteen thousand other wives.

6-7. Pradyumna of great vigour married the splendid daughter of Rukmin in a Svayaṃvara ceremony. She loved the son of Hari. Aniruddha of great strength and exploits was born of her. He was an ocean of prowess and a suppressor of enemies but he was held (treacherously in Mahābhārata) war.

8. Kṛṣṇa chose the granddaughter of Rukmin as wife unto his grandson. Although Rukmin vied and contended with Kṛṣṇa he gave her to his daughter’s son (i.e. Aniruddha)

9. O brahmins, to attend her marriage Rāma and other descendants of Yadu went to Rukmin’s city named Bhojakaṭa, along with Lord Kṛṣṇa.

10. After the marriage of noble son of Pradyumna was concluded, Kaliṅga king and others spoke these words to Rukmin.

Kaliṅga king and others said:

11. Balarāma is not perfectly conversant with the game of dice; his indulgence in it is however, very great. Hence, O extremely lustrous one, we shall conquer him in the game of dice alone.

Vyāsa said:

12. “So be it” said Rukmin who possessed great strength, to those kings. He played the game of dice with Rāma, in the assembly.

13. A stake of a thousand Niṣkas (gold coins) was won by Rukmin from Bala. On the second day another thousand was won by Rukmin.

14. Then Rukmin the most excellent one among those who were conversant with the game of dice, put up a stake of ten thousand gold coins againts Baladeva who was desirous of victory.

15. Then, O brahmins, exhibiting all his teeth, the foolish overlord of Kaliṅga laughed at Bala. The haughty Rukmin spoke then:

Rukmin said:

16. O members of the assembly, this Balarāma devoid of learning has been defeated by me in the game of dice. He is not conversant with either the manner of fighting or the lore of the game.

Vyāsa said:

17. On seeing the king of Kaliṅga with the teeth in his mouth fully exhibited, and Rukmin indulging in harsh words, Balarāma became infuriated.

18. With his mind full of fury Balarāma put up the stake at a crore of gold coins. Rukmin too accepted it. He threw the dice for that purpose.

19. Baladeva won the stake. He said to him loudly “This is won by me”.

“The victory is mine” loudly proclaimed Rukmin to Bala in false words.

20. “It is true that this stake was announced by you. But it had not been accepted or approved of by me. That being the case if (you say) you have won how (can’t I say that) I have won?

21. Then loud resonant words rose up in the sky aggravating the fury of noble Baladeva.

22. The speech in the firmament said: “The stake is won by Baladeva. What is uttered by Rukmin is false. Certain things are accepted through actions even without mentioning words.”

Vyāsa said:

23. Then Bala of great strength got up with his eyes turned red due to fury. With the dice board itself he hit and killed Rukmin.

24. With great force he held the king of Kaliṅga who was throbbing and trembling. In his fury he broke his teeth with which he had openly laughed at him;

25. The infuriated Bala seized a great column of gold and killed those kings who belonged to his side.

26. When Bala was angry thus, O brahmins, the entire assembly of kings became eager to flee crying out “Alas, Alas”.

27. On hearing that Rukmin was killed by Bala, Kṛṣṇa did not utter a single word for fear of offending Rukmiṇī or Bala.

28. Then, O excellent brahmins, the descendants of Yadu, accompanied by Kṛṣṇa returned to Dvārakā taking Aniruddha with them after his marriage rites were concluded.

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