The Brahma Purana

by G. P. Bhatt | 1955 | 243,464 words

This is the Brahma Purana in English (translation from Sanskrit), which is one of the eighteen Maha Puranas. The contents of this ancient Indian encyclopedic treatise include cosmology, genealogy (solar dynasty etc.), mythology, geology and Dharma (universal law of nature). The Brahma Purana is notable for its extenstive geological survey includin...

Chapter 59 - The Merit of a holy dip in the Ocean

Brahmā said:

1. After duly and devoutly worshipping the lord thus, the devotee should bend his head thereafter and propitiate the ocean.

2. O Lord of streams you are the vital breath and source of origin of all living beings. O king of sacred waters fond of Lord Viṣṇu, obeisance be to you. Save me.

3-4. O brahmins, by taking the holy dip perfectly in the ocean thus, in that excellent holy centre, by duly worshipping Nārāyaṇa devoid of ailments and by bowing to Rāma, Kṛṣṇa, Subhadrā and the ocean the man attains the benefit of performing hundreds of horse-sacrifices.

5-6. He will be rid of all sins. He will be devoid of all miseries. He will be glorious like gods and be justifiably proud of handsome features and blooming youth. He can redeem twenty-one generations of his family. He goes to the world of Viṣṇu on an aerial chariot with the lustre and colour of the sun and glorified with the divine sound of music produced by the Gandharvas.

7-9. For the period of a hundred Manvantaras or more he will enjoy excellent pleasures and carry on dalliance with the celestial damsels. He will be devoid of old age and death. When his merit dwindles he returns to the world and is born in a family endowed with noble qualities. He will be handsome, fortunate, glorious truthful and celibate. He conquers his sense-organs. He is born as a brahmin conversant with the meaning of the Vedic and scriptural passages. He will be one who performs sacrifices. He will be a devotee of Viṣṇu. After performing the Yoga pertaining to Viṣṇu he will attain salvation thereby.

10-15. Intelligent devotees give charitable gifts to brahmins at that place on the following occasions. During eclipse of planets, during tropical, equinoctical or other transit of the sun from one zodiac to another, during Yugādi days, (i.e. during the transit of the sun at a particular juncture), during Vyatipāta (ill-owned occasion), when day comes to a close, during the full moon days of Aṣāḍha, Kārttika and Māgha or any other auspicious occasion. For these charitable rites the devotees attain a thousand times more benefit than the very same rites at other holy centres. If the descendants offer balls of rice to the manes in accordance with the injunctions at this place the manes derive everlasting satisfaction. Thus the benefit of holy dip in the ocean has been recounted by me. O brahmins, the benefit of charitable gifts and the benefit offering balls of rice at this centre have also been recounted by me. The holy dip confers the benefit of virtue, wealth and salvation, causes longevity, renown and fame, yields worldly pleasures and bestows salvation upon men. It destroys the evil effects of dreams, despels sins. It is holy and gives all desired benefits.

16-23. O excellent Brahmins, the knowledge of the Purāṇa should not be imparted to an atheist. O Brahmins, so long as the glory of this king of holy centres is not described the other holy centres such as Puṣkara roar with the pride of their manifold glories.

The Puṣkara and other holy centres confer only their respective benefits. But the king of holy centres bestows the benefit of all rivers and holy centres. The rivers, brooks, and other holy spots enter this king of holy centres. Hence, it has acquired excellence. The ocean, the lord of rivers is the king of all holy spots since it bestows all cherished desires and it is more excellent than all other holy centres.

O brahmins, just as darkness perishes when the sun rises, so also the sins perish due to the holy dip in the Tīrtharāja.

There never was nor will ever there be a holy centre on a par with Tīrtharāja where lord Nārāyaṇa is always present. O brahmins, who can recount the excellent qualities of this Tīrtharāja where ninety-nine crores of holy centres abide peacefully.

Hence, brahmins, whatever is done there viz., the holy dip, charitable gift, sacrifice, recitation of mantras and the worship of Devas is done with a never-ending benefit.

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