Figure 15: Uruhasta

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Uruhasta refers to one of the various hand-poses (hastas or mudras).—Uru-hasta and Uru-pratishthita seems to be same as [Katihasta] but it slightly differs by placement of hand. According to Naradiya-samhita, the front part of the hand and fingers must be depicted as if in movement. It is observed, “In this, the hand is let down with ease along the side of body and the hand is made to rest on the loin or thigh. However in the seated icon, the hand is bent at elbow. The hand holds the attribute gada (club) or it bear alapadma-mudra in which the palm turned downwards remain very close to the thigh”. Another Śilpa text Sakaladhikara (verse 8.274) assert that the palm must be along the thigh in which the tip of the middle finger remains equal to the edge of medhra.

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Both the Pancaratra and Vaikhanasa Agamas extensively deal with the technical features on temple art and architecture. Sometime , they detail certain stance or pose but do not mention the technical term: the same way.... In order to study and understand the iconography of the Vaishnava Agamas, is inevitable to consult the treatises on dance (Natya-shastra), sculpture (Shilpa-shastra) and architecture (Sthapatya or Vastu-shastra).

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