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Naḍe (ನಡೆ):—

1) [verb] to walk; to move on one’s feet.

2) [verb] to go forward or ahead.

3) [verb] to start moving; to leave for another place.

4) [verb] to go away.

5) [verb] to observe or celebrate (a religious or social festival, etc.).

6) [verb] to act or deal with.

7) [verb] to carry on (a work).

8) [verb] to happen; to occur.

9) [verb] to be conducted or achieved.

10) [verb] to be in currency; to be in use.

11) [verb] to attack; to make inroads; to invade.

12) [verb] to be aptly, properly presented or offered to.

13) [verb] to be engaged in (a work, observance, etc.).

14) [verb] (a verse, passage, etc.) to run smoothly or rhythmically.

15) [verb] to produce results or exert an influence; to be effective.

16) [verb] ನಡೆದಾಟ [nadedata] naḍedāṭa a walking about; ನಡೆದಾಡಿಸು [nadedadisu] naḍedāḍisu to cause to walk or wander; 2. to cause to deal with; ನಡೆದಾಡು [nadedadu] naḍedāḍu to walk up and down or about; ನಡೆದುಕೊಳ್ಳು [nadedukollu] naḍedukoḷḷu to deal with; to observe (a festival, religious rite, etc.).

--- OR ---

Naḍe (ನಡೆ):—

1) [noun] the act or an instance of walking.

2) [noun] a particular way of walking, running, etc. (of a person or animal); gait; walk; pace.

3) [noun] custom a) a habitual practice; the usual way of acting in given circumstances; b) habits or usages collectively; convention; c) a practice so long established that it has the force of law.

4) [noun] the way a person behaves or acts; conduct; manners; behaviour.

5) [noun] the quality or state of being chaste as virtuousness, sexual abstinence; decency; modesty.

6) [noun] the act or process of traveling.

7) [noun] a moving forward (towards prosperity); an improvement; progress; advance.

8) [noun] a distance that can be travelled, at a stretch, by an ox or oxen during a night (approx. thirty miles).

9) [noun] a means of passing from one place to another, as a road, highway, street, path, etc.

10) [noun] domestic animals kept for use on a farm and raised for sale and profit; livestock; cattle.

11) [noun] (dial.) a long piece of washed cloth spread before a respectable person to walk on.

12) [noun] the rhythmic reading of a poem or passage.

13) [noun] that much quantity which one can carry at a time.

14) [noun] a kind of rhythmic walking in dance.

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Naḍe (ನಡೆ):—

1) [adverb] in a pleasing or desirable manner; satisfactorily.

2) [adverb] in a proper, friendly or attentive manner.

3) [adverb] in an appropriate manner; fittingly.

4) [adverb] thoroughly; fully.

--- OR ---

Nāḍe (ನಾಡೆ):—

1) [adverb] in an appropriate manner; fittingly.

2) [adverb] in a proper, friendly or attentive manner.

3) [adverb] skilfully; expertly.

4) [adverb] thoroughly; fully.

5) [adverb] in a special manner; particularly; specially.

--- OR ---

Nāde (ನಾದೆ):—[noun] = ನಾದಮಯೆ [nadamaye].

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Kannada is a Dravidian language (as opposed to the Indo-European language family) mainly spoken in the southwestern region of India.

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