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Source: Sanjay Rath: Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra

Mahā-mṛtyuṅjaya mantra is also called- Mahā-mokṣa mantra as it gives the ultimate enlightenment. Received by Maharṣi Vasiṣṭha and enshrined as a hymn of the Ṛk Veda, it has been sung for thousands of years by the pious who seek penultimate victory over this mṛtyu-loka (earthly plane where death is the only surety).

Source: WikiPedia: Hinduism

The Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is a verse of the Rigveda (RV 7.59.12). It is addressed to Tryambaka, “the three-eyed one”, an epithet of Rudra, later identified with Shiva. The verse also recurs in the Yajurveda (TS 1.8.6.i; VS 3.60)

The Mahamrityunjaya Mantra reads:

oṃ tryambakaṃ yajāmahe sugandhiṃ puṣṭi-vardhanam |
urvārukam-iva bandhanān mṛtyormukṣīya māmṛtāt ||"

“OM. We worship the Three-eyed Lord who is fragrant and who nourishes and nurtures all beings. As is the ripened cucumber (with the intervention of the gardener) is freed from its bondage (to the creeper), may he liberate us from death for the sake of immortality.”

The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is said to have been found by Rishi Markandeya. It was a secret mantra, and Rishi Markandeya was the only one in the world who knew this mantra. The Moon was once in trouble, cursed by King Daksha. Rishi Markandeya gave the Mahamritryunjaya Mantra to Sati, Daksha's daughter, for the Moon.

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