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Source: archive.org: Lists Of Antiquarian Remains In The Central Provinces And Berar Compiled Vol.19

The Brahminical legends are that during the kṛta-yuga the city of Lokapura extended over a wide expanse, including the site where now stands the modern town of Chāndā. Here resided the goddess Mahākāli, and here she created a son, the beautiful Bhūtanātha. The gods, however, enraged at his intrigues with their wives complained to Mahākāli, who changed his name from Bhūtanātha to Acaleśvara (the immovable), and sealing him with the print of a cow’s hoof, fixed him for ever on the banks of the Jharpat.

Source: archive.org: Potential For Tourism Development In Vidarbha Region Maharashtra

Lokapura is the original name for Chandrapur (Candrapura).—The ancient history of the district earlier known as Chanda and now Chandrapur is shrouded in mystery. Tradition and legends tell that the name of this place was “Lokapura”, which was first changed to “Indupur” and subsequently to Chandrapur. Chandrapur was the capital of the Gond dynasty from 12th to the 18th century.

Source: archive.org: The Geographical Dictionary of Ancient and Mediaeval India

Lokāpura.—Chanda in the Central Provinces. It containend the temples of Mahākāli and her son Acaleśvara who was formerly called Jharpateśvara (Skanda-purāṇa).

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