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India history and geogprahy

Gorathagiri (गोरथगिरि).—Among the hills associated with the eastern Vindhyas, most significant is Gorathagiri or Goradhagiri. It is mentioned by different names in different periods of ancient history. As mentioned in the inscription of Aśoka and of his grandson Daiśratha, it was known ns Khalatika-parvata. From Patañjali’s reference, we infer that there were forests in the locality of Khalatika-parvata which may have provided pasture land for the cattle of neighbourhood. The name Goradha-giri is mentioned in two Barabar Cave inscriptions and in Hathigumpha inscription of Khāravela. Formerly, it was identified by Beglar and others with the Baithan hill five or six miles to the west of Rajagṛha valley. In the light of the newly discovered Barabar Cave inscriptions, Jackson suggested the identification of Goratha-giri with the Barabar hills, about fifteen miles north of Gaya, on the old route from Gaya to Patna.

According to Dr. M. S. Pandey, the roaming about of the animals on this hill gave it the name Go-ratha, i.e., the vehicle for animals. The Mahābhārata speaks of its beautiful trees and large number of animals. Jackson noticed traces of a large ancient settlement at Barabar hills, but he was not certain whether the site is as old asthe age of the great Epic. He has described immense fortifications on the hill-top, which served the purpose of an important outpostfor Rājagṛha, the ancient capital of Magadha.

Source: archive.org: Geography in Ancient Indian inscriptions
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The history and geography of India includes names of areas, cities, countries and other regions of India, as well as historical dynasties, rulers, tribes and various local traditions, languages and festivals. Ancient India enjoyed religious freedom but primarely encourages the path of Dharma, incorporated into religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism.

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