Listening to the Dhamma

There is no Self

by Nina van Gorkom | 1998 | 18,252 words

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December 1998

This is a report of the discussions on Buddhism which took place for five days in the North of Thailand. These sessions were organised by the Dhamma Study and Propagation Foundation, an association formed by lay people in Thailand, with the aim of encouraging the study of  Buddhism according to the Pali Scriptures. They have radio programs daily throughout Thailand, and they publish and distribute books and tapes. Acharn Sujin Boriharnwanaket is the principal teacher of the Foundation and she discusses with endless patience questions from monks and laypeople alike. Acharn Sujin inspires everybody with her deep knowledge and Understanding; she exhorts people to develop understanding of all that is real and that appears at the present moment.

The Foundation holds now and then sessions with discussions outside Bangkok so that people who live in the provinces can take part in them. Khun Sukol Kalyanamit had organized this trip to the North of Thailand and he greatly contributed to it that our stay in the different places was very agreeable. Acharn Somphon Srivarathit and Acharn Santi Phantha Keong-Amon who are both experts in Pali assisted Acharn Sujin in explaining the Dhamma and answering questions. Acharn Somphon translates commentaries from Pali into Thai.

For the writing of this report I elaborated on the topics of the discussions, and I also used Acharn Sujin's radio programs and
tapes. I added suitable texts from the Scriptures.

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