Buddhist Monasteries of South Asia and China

author: Sanjay Garg
edition: 2019, Manohar Publishers and Distributors
pages: 403
ISBN-10: 9350981602
ISBN-13: 9789350981603
Topic: India-history

Chapter 7 - The Buddhist Sacred Establishments of

This chapter describes The Buddhist Sacred Establishments of by Rafiullah Khan located on page 127 in the book Buddhist Monasteries of South Asia and China compiled by Sanjay Garg. This book comprises 18 papers that were presented by leading archaeologists and art historians from South Asia and China at an international conference on ‘Buddhist Monasteries in South Asia and China’ organized by the Society for Buddhist Art and Archaeology (SBAA) in New Delhi in December 2015.

Buddhism binds the two most populated regions of the world-South Asia and China. This volume aims to provide fresh insights and information on new sites and place them along with the earlier known ones in a wider cultural landscape. This paper is named: The Buddhist Sacred Establishments of—Gandhara vis-à-vis Contemporary Socio-cultural System: An Ethnoarchaeological Perspective from Muslim Swat and was originally published by Rafiullah Khan.

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