Tattvartha Sutra (with commentary)

by Vijay K. Jain | 2018 | 130,587 words | ISBN-10: 8193272625 | ISBN-13: 9788193272626

This page describes influx of karmas leading to low-status (nica-gotra) which is verse 6.25 of the English translation of the Tattvartha Sutra which represents the essentials of Jainism and Jain dharma and deals with the basics on Karma, Cosmology, Ethics, Celestial beings and Liberation. The Tattvarthasutra is authorative among both Digambara and Shvetambara. This is verse 25 of the chapter Influx of Karmas and includes an extensive commentary.

Verse 6.25 - Influx of Karmas leading to low-status (nīca-gotra)

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English translation of Tattvartha sūtra 6.25:

परात्मनिन्दाप्रशंसे सदसद्गुणोच्छादनोद्भावने च नीचैर्गोत्रस्य ॥ ६.२५ ॥

parātmanindāpraśaṃse sadasadguṇocchādanodbhāvane ca nīcairgotrasya || 6.25 ||

Censuring others, praising oneself, concealing good qualities present in others and proclaiming noble qualities absent in oneself, cause the influx (āsrava) of karmas which lead to low-status (nīcagotra). (25)

Hindi Anvayarth:

अन्वयार्थ: [परात्मनिंदाप्रशंसे] दूसरे की निंदा और अपनी प्रशंसा करना [सदसद्गुणोच्छादनोद्भावने च] तथा प्रगट गुणों को छिपाना और अप्रगट गुणों को प्रसिद्ध करना सो [नीचैर्गोत्रस्य] नीच गोत्रकर्म के आस्रव का कारण हैं।

Anvayartha: [paratmanimdaprashamse] dusare ki nimda aura apani prashamsa karana [sadasadgunocchadanodbhavane ca] tatha pragata gunom ko chipana aura apragata gunom ko prasiddha karana so [nicairgotrasya] nica gotrakarma ke asrava ka karana haim |

Explanation in English from Ācārya Pūjyapāda’s Sarvārthasiddhi:

After describing the influx of physique-making karmas, influx of status-determining (gotra) karmas has to be explained. Influx of karmas that cause low-status is dealt with first.

Censuring others is to proclaim defects in others, whether existing or not. This is ‘paranindā’. Proclaiming virtues in oneself is praise. This is ‘ātmapraśaṃsā’. These are taken respectively, that is censure of others and praise of oneself. The non-manifestation of a thing when there is obstruction is concealment. The manifestation of a thing in the absence of obstruction is proclaiming it. These two are taken respectively, that is concealing existent qualities (in others)– sadguṇocchādana–and proclaiming non-existent qualities (in oneself)–asadguṇodbhāvana. These lead to the influx of karmas which lead to low-status (nīcagotra).

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