Folk Tales of Gujarat (and Jhaverchand Meghani)

by Vandana P. Soni | 2014 | 98,532 words

This study represents an English translation of the Gujarat Folk tales composed by Gujarati poet Jhaverchand Meghani (1896-1947). Meghani was born in Chotila and left an important landmark on the history of Saurashtra and Gujarat folklore, Indian poetry, journalism and other literary sciences....

Translator’s Note

While translating Gujarati folktales into English, the following strategies have been employed to retain the flavour of original folktales.

1. Titles are not translated but transcribed and cited in bold italics.

2. Brief notes in the beginning or footnotes or notes on the rear jacket of an anthology given by Meghani are translated and cited in square brackets.

3. In the anthology of Kankavati, there are many stories which are not in the paragraph form but they are given in the centre of the page. The same format is maintened in the translation.

4. Dialectical quotes like poetry, proverb, duha, chhand and maxims are interspersed in stories. In some cases, Meghani has given simplified meaning of dialectical quotes.

  1. Dialectical quotes are transcribed.
  2. Dialectical quotes for which simplified meaning is not given, are translated
  3. Dialectical quoting for which simplified meaning is given, are not translated as their simplified meaning is translated and it is given in the brackets

5. Colloquial words, terminologies related to Gujarati culture and histories are transcribed and not translated to build an ambience of Kathiawar and Gujarat. Meanings and explanation of all these words and terminologies is provided in the glossary in an alphabetical order.

6. Some typical proverbs and terms or words are transcribed into English and approximate meaning, has been given particularly not to mar the real meaning.

7. A glossary in an alphabetical order is given at the end of the thesis. It also contains notes on colloquial terms and idioms used in the original tales. In preparing these notes, I have drawn on Gujarati Encyclopedia, dictionaries as well as reference books.

This chapter includes the complete translation of the following folk tales from the anthologies of folk tales listed below:

Saurashtra ni Rashdhar vols.1-5

1. Anu Nam Te Dhani - vol.1
2. Sihona Dan - vol.2
3. Bhai - vol.3
4. Suhini Mehar (Love legends of another Region- - (Story from Sindh) -vol. 5
5. Maluva - (love legend of literature of Bengal from the collection titled as ‘MemanSingh Giika’)–vol.5

Sorathi Baharvatiya vols.1-3

1. Natho Modhvadiyo–vol.1
2. Mahiyana Baharvata–vol.3

Kankavati Vrat Katha–Mandal - 1, 2

1. Noli nom
2. Borr Chotth
3. Nag Pacham
4. Shravaniyo Somvar
6. Jai Rudi
7. Bij Mavdi
8. Muni Vrat
9. Gana Gor
10. Jad Pan ni Puja
11. Goriya (Gori) vrat nu Geet
12. Visamda! Visamda!
13. Meghraja nu Vrat
14. Gor gorani ni Tikhal
15. Koyal Vrat
16. Nirjal Mass
17. Full kajali Veat
18. Chhokha Kajali Vrat
19. Bhe Baras
20. Jikaliyo
21. Rani Ranakde
22. Gai Vrat
23. Bhai Bij

Dadaji Ni Vato / Doshi Mani Vato

1. Sinhasan (Dadaji ni Vato)
2. Vikram and Vidhata (Dadaji ni Vato)
3. Ajab Chhor (Doshi mani vato)
4. Son bai (from the cancelled anthology of Doshi Mani Vato)

Rang chhe Barot

1. Vikram and Khapro
2. Vikram and Prabhat Chavdo
3. Bapu Bhalalo
4. Chhar Sar
5. Parkaya Pravesh

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