Vedic influence on the Sun-worship in the Puranas

by Goswami Mitali | 2018 | 68,171 words

This page relates ‘Sun-worship Vratas (35) Martanda-saptami’ of the study on the Vedic influence of Sun-worship in the Puranas, conducted by Goswami Mitali in 2018. The tradition of observing Agnihotra sacrifice and the Sandhya, etc., is frequently observed among the Hindus. Another important innovation of the Sun-worship in the Puranas is the installation of the images of the Sun in the temples.—This section belongs to the series “Rituals Related to the Sun-Worship in the Puranas”.

Sun-worship Vratas (35) Mārtaṇḍa-saptamī

Mārtaṇdasaptamīvrata begins on the seventh day of the bright fortnight in the month of Pauṣa:

pauṣe māse site pakṣe saptamyāṃ samupoṣitaḥ//
mārtaṇḍaṃ mārtaṇḍa iti vai japet/[1]

Fast is observed on the respective day and the Sun-god is worshipped with the muttering of the word mārtaṇḍa. The fee should be offered to the Brāhmaṇas according to his capability. Again, on the next day, the Sungod is worshipped under the name Ravi. Thus the vrata last for a year and as the reward of it, the worshipper attains desired objects.[2]

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