Paduka-panchaka (the five-fold footstool)

by Arthur Avalon | 1919 | 5,960 words | ISBN-10: 8178223783 | ISBN-13: 9788178223780

This is the English translation of the Paduka-panchaka which represents a hymn by Shiva in praise of the “five-fold footstool of the Guru”. The short text contains seven Sanskrit verses (including a commentary) dealing with aspects of Tantric Yoga, or “Kundalini Yoga”. This edition contains the Sanskrit text, transliteration and English translatio...

Introductory Verse

[Note: The meaning of this is explained in v. 7, post.—This verse is inserted as it was found in a manuscript belonging to the late Acalānanda-Svāmī, now in the possession of the Varendra Anusaṃdhāna Samiti.]

I meditate on the Guru in the Lotus of a thousand petals, which is radiant like the cool rays of the full moon, whose lotus hands make the gestures which grant blessing and dispel fear. His raiment, garland, and perfumes, are ever fresh and pure. His countenance is benign. He is in the Haṃsa in the head. He is the Haṃsa Himself.


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