Chandogya Upanishad (english Translation)

by Swami Lokeswarananda | 165,421 words | ISBN-10: 8185843910 | ISBN-13: 9788185843919

This is the English translation of the Chandogya-upanishad, including a commentary based on Swami Lokeswarananda’s weekly discourses; incorporating extracts from Shankara’s bhasya. The Chandogya Upanishad is a major Hindu philosophical text incorporated in the Sama Veda, and dealing with meditation and Brahman. This edition includes the Sanskrit t...

Verse 3.12.5

सैषा चतुष्पदा षड्विधा गायत्री तदेतदृचाभ्यनूक्तम् ॥ ३.१२.५ ॥

saiṣā catuṣpadā ṣaḍvidhā gāyatrī tadetadṛcābhyanūktam || 3.12.5 ||

5. The gāyatrī has four quarters, each being sixfold. This is what is stated in a Ṛk mantra:

Word-for-word explanation:

Sā eṣā gāyatrī catuṣpadā, this gāyatrī has four feet [i.e., quarters]; ṣaṣvidhā, each of them sixfold; tat etat ṛcā abhyanūktam, this is what is stated in a Ṛk mantra [Ṛg Veda 10.10.3].


The gāyatrī is also known as Brahma-gāyatrī. It is one with everything.

The Upaniṣad says here that the gāyatrī has four quarters and each quarter has six parts (that is, it

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