The Brihaddharma Purana (abridged)

by Syama Charan Banerji | 1915 | 50,976 words

The English translation of the Brihaddharma Purana, one of the several minor or Upa Puranas, and represents an epitome of several important (Major) Puranas. In this book one can observe the attempts made to reconcile the three main forms of Hindu worship, viz. the Shaiva Vaishnava and Tantrika (worship of God in the form of Kali, Durga, Ganga, and ...

Chapter 14 - On relatives and kinsmen

The place where one’s kinsmen reside is also a great Tirtha. They should always be respected, and it is a sin to hurt them. One kinsman is equal to one thousand Brahmanas. Poor relatives should always be supported and protected. The man who takes interest from his relatives on money advanced to them, becomes issueless, and is reborn as a devil after death. The Brahmana who bestows land on his poor kinsmen earns the reward of building a thousand temples for Siva. There is no sin in committing any number of evil deeds for the benefit of kinsmen whose faults should never be made public, and from whom one should not hide his own faults. In short, the man who helps his kinsmen, and who pays them due respect, and protects them from mischief, is a truly honourable man.

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