The Brihaddharma Purana (abridged)

by Syama Charan Banerji | 1915 | 50,976 words

The English translation of the Brihaddharma Purana, one of the several minor or Upa Puranas, and represents an epitome of several important (Major) Puranas. In this book one can observe the attempts made to reconcile the three main forms of Hindu worship, viz. the Shaiva Vaishnava and Tantrika (worship of God in the form of Kali, Durga, Ganga, and ...

Chapter 15 - Some minor Tirthas described

The feet of a Brahmana and the back of a cow are Tirthas, and the places where Brahmanas and cows live are also Tirthas. Every part of a woman’s body is sacred like a Tirtha, A child’s hand is a Tirtha and so is one’s eye and right ear. Truth and the recitation of Puranas are Tirthas? The mind in which evil and miserable thoughts cannot enter is also a Tirtha. The hand of a charitable man and of a worshipper of the gods is a Tirtha, One’s ancestral residence is a Tirtha.

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