Brihad Bhagavatamrita (commentary)

by Śrī Śrīmad Bhaktivedānta Nārāyana Gosvāmī Mahārāja | 2005 | 440,179 words | ISBN-13: 9781935428329

The Brihad-bhagavatamrita Verse 2.1.130, English translation, including commentary (Dig-darshini-tika): an important Vaishnava text dealing with the importance of devotional service. The Brihad-bhagavatamrita, although an indepent Sanskrit work, covers the essential teachings of the Shrimad Bhagavatam (Bhagavata-purana). This is verse 2.1.130 contained in Chapter 1—Vairagya (renunciation)—of Part two (prathama-khanda).

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration, Word-for-word and English translation of verse 2.1.130:

कम् इमं यजसि स्वामिन्न् इति पृष्टो मया हसन् ।
सोऽवदत् किं न जानासि बालायं जगद्-ईश्वरः ॥ १३० ॥

kam imaṃ yajasi svāminn iti pṛṣṭo mayā hasan |
so'vadat kiṃ na jānāsi bālāyaṃ jagad-īśvaraḥ || 130 ||

kam–whom?; imam–this; yajasi–you are worshiping; svāmin–O master; iti–thus; pṛṣṭaḥ–asked; mayā–by me; hasan–smiling; saḥ–he; avadat–replied; kim–why?; na–not; jānāsi–you know; bāla–O boy; ayam–He; jagat-īśvaraḥ–the Lord of the universe.

I humbly asked him, “O master, who are you worshiping?” Hearing my words, he smiled and replied, “O child, this is Jagadīśvara, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Do you not know this?”

Commentary: Dig-darśinī-ṭīkā with Bhāvānuvāda

(By Śrīla Sanātana Gosvāmī himself including a deep purport of that commentary)

Śrī Gopa-kumāra says, “I then asked that brāhmaṇa, ‘O master, who are you worshiping?’ Laughing at my question, the brāhmaṇa said, ‘What? (This type of speech could be expressing a doubt or a question.) My child, you are asking who this is?! Do you not know?’” (These questions are not in relation to ignorance; rather, they reveal the brāhmaṇa’s feelings regarding the fame of Śālagrāma-śilā.)

One might conjecture, “Is it possible that Gopa-kumāra, being young and inexperienced, would be unaware of something that is so widely known in all the planetary systems?” To address this, Gopakumāra says, “Therefore, the brāhmaṇa said, ‘This is Jagadīśvara, the Supreme Lord of the universe. Do you not know this?’”

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