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Pali for Rūpadhātu (the first of the physical realms).

(Source): Wisdom Library: Buddhism

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1) Deva (देव) or Devāyu refers to “heavenly/celestial realms or states of existence” and r...
Ābhassara, (adj.-n.) (etym. uncertain; one suggested in Cpd. 138 n. 4 is ā + *bha + *sar, i. e...
Rūpadhātu (रूपधातु) refers to the “gods of the form realm” according to the “world of transmigr...
a kind of heavenly being; s. deva, (II).
is the name of a class of heavenly beings in the fine-material world; s. deva.
A class of devas of the Rupaloka belonging to the plane of third jhana(Abhs.p.21). Their li...
Brahma Kayika Deva
The 'heavenly beings of the Brahma-world' inhabit the first 3 heavens of the fine-material wor...

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