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In Hinduism

Vaishnavism (Vaishava dharma)

Source: Pure Bhakti: Brhad Bhagavatamrtam

Nīlādri (नीलाद्रि) refers to:—(or Nīlācala)Literally, the blue mountain. Located in Purī, it is in the shape of a tortoise or a conchshell and is the eternal residence of Śrī Jagannātha, Śrī Baladeva, Śrī Subhadrā and Sudarśana cakra. (cf. Glossary page from Śrī Bṛhad-bhāgavatāmṛta).

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Vaishnava (वैष्णव, vaiṣṇava) or vaishnavism (vaiṣṇavism) represents a tradition of Hinduism worshipping Vishnu as the supreme Lord. Similar to the Shaktism and Shaivism traditions, Vaishnavism also developed as an individual movement, famous for its exposition of the dashavatara (‘ten avatars of Vishnu’).

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Purana and Itihasa (epic history)

Source: Shiva Purana - English Translation

Nīlādri (नीलाद्रि) is another name for the Mountain Nīla, according to the Śivapurāṇa 2.3.37 (“The letter of betrothal is dispatched”).—Note: Nīla or Nīlagiri, “the Blue Mountain” seems to be the Nīlādri or Nīlakūṭa, the name of the “Kāmākhyā hill” according to the Kālikāpurāṇa 79.74 Cf. Śaktisaṅgama-tantra III. 7.?0.

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The Purana (पुराण, purāṇas) refers to Sanskrit literature preserving ancient India’s vast cultural history, including historical legends, religious ceremonies, various arts and sciences. The eighteen mahapuranas total over 400,000 shlokas (metrical couplets) and date to at least several centuries BCE.

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Languages of India and abroad

Sanskrit dictionary

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Nīlādri (नीलाद्रि):—[from nīla > nīl] m. the mountain Nīla

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Sanskrit, also spelled संस्कृतम् (saṃskṛtam), is an ancient language of India commonly seen as the grandmother of the Indo-European language family (even English!). Closely allied with Prakrit and Pali, Sanskrit is more exhaustive in both grammar and terms and has the most extensive collection of literature in the world, greatly surpassing its sister-languages Greek and Latin.

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